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Chicago Editor Melanie Cole, MS


Melanie Cole M.S. has been hosting radio shows on a variety of topics since 2004. She

and her husband Gary have traveled throughout Europe and The British Isles many times.

They have backpacked, stayed in hostels and stayed in some of the finest hotels. They

regularly travel to Canada to ski and have skied at most of the major resorts in North

America. They have been all over Greece and have cruised to many amazing ports of

call. They are both amateur chefs and have their own organic garden. Restaurants, dining

and wine are passions for Melanie. She has eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the

world and has exchanged recipes with some of the most brilliant chefs. As an Exercise

Physiologist, she incorporates healthy cooking and eating for their children and friends.

You will find as you listen to Melanie, that her passions for food and travel will become

your own and you’ll feel the enthusiasm grow as you explore together the wonderful

places and foods that the world has to offer. From kid friendly fine dining to trips that

your family will never forget, sail with Melanie in this exciting venture around the globe.


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